King Street Tenants United is a volunteer, grassroots group of tenants and our supporters. It includes tenants who have been displaced from their homes on King Street to other parts of the city by Metrolinx; tenants who remain living on King Street with Metrolinx as their landlord; tenants whose buildings were planned for purchase by Metrolinx; and other tenants from neighbourhoods near the planned LRT route who fear displacement pressure from LRT-driven gentrification. Does this describe you? Please contact us to get involved. Read more about our group here.

King Street Tenants United meets regularly so we can share information, support each other, and make plans for actions and events. Meeting space is accessible. Childcare is provided. We make every effort to arrange for translation for those who need it. Please contact us ahead of time to tell us what languages you or others in your household speak. If you are interested in coming to meetings, contact us and we’ll let you know where and when we meet.

King Street Tenants United is working with lawyers to review the potential for a class action lawsuit against Metrolinx to sue for compensation. If you were pushed out of your home by Metrolinx, or still live on King Street with Metrolinx as your landlord, contact us to join the fight for compensation and the right to return to vacant units.

Email: kingstreettenantsunited@riseup.net
Phone: 289-659-0281

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kingstreettenantsunited
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kingsttenants

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