In the News

Taras Hemon (August 28, 2021) “Light Rail Transit Brings A New Wave of Gentrification to Hamilton.” Downtown Sparrow.

Sebastian Bron (August 16, 2021) “New documentary looks to tell ‘the other side’ of LRT story through tenant struggles.” Hamilton Spectator.

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Kelly Bennet (November 20, 2020) “Downtown brick buildings housing families and businesses for decades to be demolished.” CBC Hamilton.

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Dan Taekema (September 11, 2020) “Metrolinx plans to demolish 21 vacant buildings along proposed LRT route: Advocates and tenants say vacant buildings should become affordable housing.” CBC Hamilton.

Matthew Van Dongen (September 11, 2020) “Metrolinx plans to demolish 21 buildings in LRT ‘ghost town’ prompting ire from housing advocates.” Hamilton Spectator.

Shawn Selway (March 6, 2020) “Urban Renewal, Then and Now: LRT and the Rental Housing Crisis, Part 2: Almost nobody but tenants in rental housing and the homeless in their camps actually feels the need for their right to housing to be met – affordable, secure, adequately sized and located housing, that is.” Raise the Hammer.

Shawn Selway (March 5, 2020) “Time to Turn? LRT and the Rental Housing Crisis, Part 1: Municipal strategies which exacerbate the housing affordability problem today look less like indifference and more like active hostility, as pointless as it is cruel.” Raise the Hammer.

Matthew Van Dongen (January 15, 2020) “Forced to relocate by Hamilton’s now-cancelled LRT? Share your story.”

Matthew Van Dongen (January 15, 2020) “Are vacant Hamilton homes purchased for now-cancelled LRT still habitable?” Hamilton Spectator.

Dan Taekema (January 15, 2020) “Tenants demand vacant properties along LRT route be turned into affordable housing.” CBC Hamilton.

Don Mitchell (January 14, 2020) “Tenant group makes push to bring affordable housing to vacant Hamilton LRT properties.” Global News.

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