Tenant Testimonial: VK & JB

VK, her boyfriend JB, and their dog Dennis lived in a mid-rise building on King Street East near Stirton Street. She was displaced from her home by Metrolinx.

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Tenant Testimonial: Sharon

Sharon, her husband Bill, and her three cats – Speedy, Monkey, and Baby – live in a triplex house on King Street near East Bend Avenue. She has lived here for more than 20 years and pays $550 in rent. Sharon is determined to stay in her home until Metrolinx agrees to appropriate compensation and long-term housing security, rehoused in an apartment she can afford.

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Tenant Testimonial: Yvonne

Coming soon.

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“Thanks for Nothing” Film Screening at Gage Park: Thursday, September 9, 2021, 7pm

King Street Tenants United will be hosting a free community screening of the short documentary film “Thanks for Nothing” at Gage Park on Thursday, September 9, 2021 at 7pm. Please invite your friends, family, neighbours to attend. Meet at the bandshell.

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Light Rail Transit Brings a New Wave of Gentrification to Hamilton

The empty and boarded up buildings along the King Street corridor have become a familiar, if not heartbreaking, sight for many Hamiltonians. But what about the people who once called them home? What of those who stayed?

We are reprinting this article by King Street Tenants United supporter Taras Hemon, originally published on August 28, 2021 in the Downtown Sparrow.

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Hamilton’s Light Rail Transit and Displacement, A Comic by Simon Orpana

After many ups and downs, Hamilton’s light rail transit line may finally be getting the green light. But in the midst of a severe housing crisis, what can be done to prevent tenants along the proposed development from being displaced? The Hoser worked with Simon Orpana to illustrate what kind of awareness needs to come with these developments, for Hamilton, the GTA, and more.

We are reprinting this article by King Street Tenants United supporter Simon Orpana, originally published in The Hoser on June 28, 2021.

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Planning Hamilton for who? LRT and the Rental Housing Crisis: Part Three

The last article in a three-part series by King Street Tenants United supporter Shawn Selway.

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Urban Renewal Then and Now: LRT and the Rental Housing Crisis: Part Two

The second article in a three-part series by King Street Tenants United supporter Shawn Selway.

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Press Conference: Tenants Demand Metrolinx Rehouse Evicted Tenants in Vacant Apartments & Preserve Purchased Properties for Affordable Housing

Lost in the conversation about the cancellation of Hamilton’s Light Rail Transit (LRT), is the plight of 80+ tenant households which were pushed out of their homes by Metrolinx, now for no reason at all.

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King Street Ghost Town Virtual Tour

Walking down King Street feels like walking through a ghost town. Metrolinx has cancelled the transit project, but remains the owner and landlord of 60 properties. Tenants have been evicted from their homes, children transferred to different schools, people taken away from their friends and social supports. We feel the loss of our neighbours, displaced to different corners of the city. As part of our Survey of Displacement for Light Rail Transit, we took photographs and gathered data on properties planned for purchase and demolition.

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Survey of Displacement for Light Rail Transit

Many Hamiltonians didn’t realize that property acquisition, eviction, displacement, and demolition were part of Light Rail Transit (LRT) construction. If they knew the truth about the number of properties purchased, the number of people who lost their homes, and how poorly people were treated during the eviction process, they would be shocked. Metrolinx and City of Hamilton staff have downplayed the scale of displacement in interviews with journalists and reports to city council. Based on what we have seen on the ground and heard from our neighbours, we believe the official numbers are misleading and far underestimate the actual scale of displacement. We decided to conduct our own survey to try to get at the truth.

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Hamilton LRT Cancellation: A Christmas Fucking Miracle!

Working class Hamilton families breathed a collective sigh of relief Monday afternoon, when the Province announced they were killing the Light Rail Transit (LRT) project. After 10+ years of living in the shadow of the Hamilton renaissance monster, with the housing walls closing in, this is the best holiday news many have heard in over a decade.

We are reprinting this article written by an anonymous King Street Tenants United supporter, originally published to North Shore Counter Info on December 19, 2019.

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